The Best Venture Capital Newsletters

We’ve all read the articles about the young tech founder who dropped out of college to start a business, ultimately to end up selling it for enough money to instantly retire. A lot of times, we read these articles and think “That’s a great idea” or “How have I never heard of this company?”


As startups are born, funded and acquired on a daily basis at an increasing rate, it’s smart to try and stay on top of what’s going on in the world of venture capital, or VC. Knowing which companies and industries are grabbing investors’ capital provides insight into which industries are hot and popular trends in everything from technology to food. Having even a minimal level of knowledge into the VC world can provide great knowledge for small talk.


So what’s the best way to stay on top of what’s happening in the VC world? Here are a few of our favorite VC newsletters at Masterworks. 




StrictlyVC is a daily newsletter about all things VC from the heart of Silicon Valley and beyond. If reading isn’t your preference, StrictlyVC also has a podcast and videos of conversations with individuals throughout the VC world. StriclyVC even hosts events, which have had some of the top names in tech, that you can attend in person. StrictlyVC was founded by Connie Loizos, who also serves as Silicon Valley Editor for popular tech site TechCrunch. Loizos has an impressive background, previously working for Thomson Reuters, the San Jose Mercury News, Dow Jones and Time Inc. 


Axios Pro Rata


Pro Rata is a daily newsletter that covers dealmaking in VC, private equity (PE) and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Pro Rata is written in a concise format that often covers the meat of the story in one bullet with a link to the source article. Pro Rata also has a podcast that goes beyond dealmaking, covering the intersection of business, politics and tech. Pro Rata is written by Axios business editor Dan Primack, who previously served as editor at Fortune and Reuters. 


CB Insights


More than 600,000 people subscribe to CB Insights’ newsletter to stay on top of VC, technology trends and startups. The newsletter does a great job blending its writing with graphics, charts and tables which make it easy to skim through if you’re short on time. The data supporting CB Insights’ newsletter is second to none, which is why the newsletters typically provide a link to a free trial of CB Insights’ data and research at the end. Subscribing to this newsletter will also help you make sure you don’t miss their latest industry reports. 


The Daily Pitch by Pitchbook


Similar to CB Insights, The Daily Pitch provides detailed news on the VC world, PE and M&A. The Daily Pitch leverages data from Pitchbook’s data platform, which covers more than 2.6 million companies in the public and private equity markets. Using Pitchbook’s trove of data, The Daily Pitch is a great newsletter to stay up-to-date on the biggest news in the industry. Pitchbook, which started out with 7 employees in a 200-square foot office, was acquired by research giant Morningstar in 2016 and now boasts more than 1,000 employees worldwide. 


Term Sheet


Term Sheet by Fortune is a broad-based newsletter covering VC, PE, M&A, exits and people within the industry. The newsletter is written in a clean format, with an in depth article followed by sections covering each of the aforementioned topics. The content is easy to read, with bullets covering the top news, while the companies involved are bolded so you can quickly skim through it. Term Sheet was started by Axios Pro Rata editor Dan Primack and is now written by Erin Griffith, senior writer at Fortune.


Crunchbase Daily


Crunchbase daily is a newsletter providing the top news in funding from Crunchbase’s extensive platform of everything relating to startups. The newsletter, which provides a mixture of analysis and opinion, is a great way to stay on top of the biggest deals. Crunchbase, which is owned by TechCrunch, provides much of the data that is used in many of TechCrunch’s articles. 


John Gannon Blog


John Gannon Blog is a great newsletter to subscribe to for a variety of readers. The newsletter focuses on jobs in the VC world, such as personal stories in the VC industry, tips on how to land a job and even includes VC job postings. The newsletter has an extensive list of job postings which are seemingly updated on a daily basis. John Gannon’s Blog also provides a list of books in the VC space he recommends. John Gannon recently left Amazon to start his own recruiting startup, while previously working as…you guessed it, a VC.


A16Z: Andreesen Horowitz


Andreesen Horowitz, which is one of the most well-known names in the VC industry, has a handful of newsletters that are worth subscribing to. Andreesen Horowitz has invested in most of the big names in Silicon Valley since its founding in 2009. The newsletters go in depth on a multitude of different areas and focus on current news, trends and Andreesen Horowitz’s outlook on the companies and trends of the future.


Gary’s Guide


Gary’s Guide is worth subscribing to so you can stay on top of the most important events in tech in places such as NYC and Silicon Valley. Gary’s Guide also showcases online events and classes, some of which are even free to register. The newsletter also provides discounts to popular events as well as a job board for positions in the tech industry. If you’re looking for leases on office space, including co-working spaces and at tech incubators, Gary’s Guide provides a bulletin board for the latest listings.