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Masterworks is the first platform dedicated to enabling investors to purchase shares representing an investment in authenticated, multi-million-dollar artworks. WSJ declared that “art is among the hottest markets on Earth,” with certain works selling for fifteen times their asking prices. We handle the pricing, authentication, and purchasing for you (with help from our experienced research team and our team of art world professionals). It’s now possible for regular investors like you to invest in multi-million-dollar artwork. Let’s bring together your love of art and your passion for investing with


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Latest in Art...

woman looking to buy art

How to Buy Art Online

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Who is Banksy?

The mysterious artist known by his graffiti handle, Banksy, is one of the most sought after artists today, read on to learn more about the artist.

Kucsora Márta, Incepció, absztrakt, festmény, kiállítás, Műcsarnok Fotó: Ladjánszki Máté

An in depth discussion with Márta Kucsora

Márta Kucsora is a Hungarian Contemporary artist. Marta has achieved notable success in her home country with highly regarded representation from the Kalman Maklary. Read on to learn more