Behind The Canvas: Your weekly recap on art world news

February 4, 2022

Welcome back to Behind The Canvas, your weekly takeaways on what is going on in the art world. For news on NFTs and the metaverse please go check out, Non-Fungible News. Now lets crack on …

Gwyneth Paltrow / Ilpo Musto 


This week actress and meditation guru, Gwyneth Paltrow, invited Architectural Digest to do a tour of her Santa Barbara home. To great excitement the living room featured a painting by Ed Ruscha and a sculpture that Paltrow attributed to Ruth Asawa. However, a spokesperson from David Zwirner, the gallery that represents Asawa, stated that the sculpture isn’t by the artist. Awkward. This begins to pose the question of whether a celebrity such as Gwyneth Paltrow could be mistaken into purchasing what could be considered a knock off of the original artist ? We later learned that the art is actually attributed to D’Lisa Creager, a textile and jewelry artist who learned the fine looping technique from the Asawa’s daughter herself. Architectural Digest has removed all mention and imagery of Ruth Asawa’s “sculpture” from any post and has since provided an update on the actual artist of the piece. (Artnews)

A Solid Gold Sculpture? In This Economy?

On February 2nd artist Niclas Castello had to put his newest sculpture and endeavor on display for all of Central Park to see. Joggers and Runners were distracted on their routes by an $11.7 million-dollar gold cube. The structure stands a bit above a foot and a half on all sides high and is meant to serve as a counterpart to Castello’s upcoming cryptocurrency because why not? The Castello coin will be available later this month with an accompanying NFT auction that will take place on the 24th of February. The 400 lb sculpture was also being monitored by its own security detail (hey it’s forged solid gold). The exhibition in Central Park was a one-day occurrence and we are curious to see where the Gold Cube will find itself next? (Yahoo Finance)

Someone Call The Pest Control!

Banksy Mural, Bristol 

This week a Dutch auction house, Hessnik Auction House, had announced that they would be releasing a catalogue raisonne for the artist Banksy that would include over 1000 Banksy murals this April. The new catalogue is to be published in April after the sales of three Banksy murals that are estimated to fetch above $800,000.

The only issue is this publishing of a catalogue is not authorized by Banksy nor his authentication group Pest Control. Alongside this, only 300 of the murals included are featured on the artist website and current catalogue bringing much into question of whether this is a legitimate catalog raisonne? (The Art Newspaper)

In other news…

  • Sotheby’s is selling a 555 carat black diamond that may or may not be from outer space. Some one get the X-files on this.
  • Robert Rauschenberg is getting a Catalogue Raisonne. The artist’s paintings will be published in a 10 volume digital catalogue- and best part is it’s free!
  • Jerry Saltz Spatz- The New York Magazine art critic has been on a twitter spree critiquing people’s movie choices. Here is a recent one

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