Morgan Stanley’s Primer on Art as an Asset

September 17, 2021

Morgan Stanley launched the Blue Rider Group in 2015 to support its growing base of high-net-worth clients who collect art. The group’s aim is to integrate art, an increasingly popular asset class, into a holistic approach to wealth management. Fans of German Expressionism will instantly pick up on the nod to Der Blaue Reiter in the name, but for those who are just starting to learn about art and the market, the team at Morgan Stanley published a helpful overview of art as an asset.

The information is useful for those who are curious about the major players in the art market and the high-level concerns that a collector-investor would take into account for fine art as part of their overall wealth portfolio. Though the report provides little guidance around specific investments or strategies, it does outline considerations specific to fine art, such as tax strategies and insurance needs. You can find the publication below.

Art as an Asset 2017

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