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Our research team has manually compiled data from the 1970–present on paintings that have been purchased and resold at public auction, and the profits or losses those collectors have realized.

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Asset Class Insight Series: Comparing Art and Cryptocurrency

Comparing the oldest asset class to the newest

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Art: The Alternative Real Asset

The recent global turmoil has led many investors to reconsider real assets as part of their portfolio allocation. Real, or sometimes called tangible assets, include…

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The Best Venture Capital Newsletters

We’ve all read the articles about the young tech founder who dropped out of college to start a business, ultimately to end up selling it…

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The Market for Jean-Michel Basquiat: how one artist’s prices have continued to defy the odds

Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 – 1988) has proven to be one of the greatest forces in the art market over the last three decades. In his…

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Art Basel and UBS Annual Art Market Report 2020

The annual report of Art Basel and UBS on the state of the global art market in 2019 was released just a couple of days…

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The Most Popular Personal Finance Blogs

What began as a hobbyist-led mashup of “web” and “log” more than 25 years ago, blogs are now defacto media outlets in their own right,…

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The Best Financial Newsletters

Newsletters dedicated to personal finance are far from a new phenomenon. The industry traces its roots back to the 1960s, when Charles Schwab – the…

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The Best Podcasts in Personal Finance

It’s no secret that podcasting has arrived. What began as a side hobby with the introduction of portable MP3 players in the late 1990s has…

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The Recent History of the Art Market through 12 Record-Breaking Sales 

Record Prices vs. Inflation Growth and the S&P 500 Since 1985, the record price paid at auction for work by a living artist has been…

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What is an Art Market Index?

Art market indices are important tools to understand overall market performance and benchmark art against other investable assets. Traditional liquid assets, such as stocks, fixed…

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